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Meet the Creators

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KC Grace author

The Author

KC Grace

I love old books and autumn and misty graveyards at midnight. If I have any spare time, I spend it by studying Latin or Greek, learning some random and unimportant historical fact, or wandering through city streets aimlessly. The League of Scholars was born out of a passing obsession with dark academia, mixed with my love of intrigue and suspense. Most of all, though, I love writing about dusty and old things.

I live on the Florida Space Coast, which is great because the haunted avenues of St. Augustine are not too far away. You can learn more about other projects on my website:

The Illustrator

Brian Carlson

My love of illustration began in early grade school, inspired by the work of illustrators such as Norman Rockwell, Kieth Thompson, and large collection of comic book writers. Pen and Ink has been my primary medium of focus with some smatterings of oil and watercolor paintings, pencil sketches and pastel pieces. My first series of illustrations was a group of Ink drawings and painting for my local church based off the scenes of the Biblical book of Zecharia.

I am currently a Military Intelligence Systems Maintainer and Non-Commissioned Officer stationed in Washington State. I am married to my lovely wife and am an active member in my local church.

Brian Carlson illustrator
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