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5 November, 2022

My dear reader,

The first time I read the proceedings for an Order Initiation, I was… perturbed. It’s very strange, though other organizations and religions have odd habits as well. Catholics wear wooden beads they use to pray, Christians submerse people in water, Free Masons… who knows what they actually do, and Americans blow millions of dollars in dangerous explosives on one night of the year and one night only.

Still, I thought you would find this interesting.

Initiate enters antechamber and is greeted by Ceremony Accounter. Initiate bows to Accounter, who verifies Initiate is aware of his commitment, and is of sound mind and body:

Accounter: Do you intend to commit yourself to the Sovereign Order, in full knowledge of the duties and privileges inherent in such commitment?

Initiate: I commit myself to the Sovereign Order and lay aside all rights to accept the duties and privileges of my new standing.

Initiate is blindfolded, representing ignorance and disorder. Accounter leads Initiate into chamber and blindfold is removed, representing his journey into the secret knowledge of civilization.

The Company (which must include two members of the local syndicate and one baron) forms two lines on either side of the chamber. Initiate passes between them to the Sword of Sovereignty displayed at the shrine at the end of the chamber.

Initiate: I have come to commit myself body and soul to the Sovereign Order and bind myself to its life and fortunes, and it to myself.

Accounter: The Sovereign Order commits itself body and soul to you as a new member and binds itself to your life and fortunes, as you to itself.

Initiate places arm against the flat of the blade and Accounter binds them together. Accounter places mark. Once placed, Accounter removes binding and presents Initiate with The Sovereign Order: An Introduction.

Accounter: In acknowledgement of your commitment in body and soul to the Sovereign Order, receive the secret knowledge of our noble company.

Initiate proceeds to the Chalice of Knowledge displayed in the center of the room and drinks of its contents. The Company congratulates the new member.

Often, a celebration is held afterwards.

As I said, strange. But as far as my research shows, this ceremony has been unchanged for hundreds of years and is likely still the same today.

Yours truly,

The Author.


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