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22 October, 2022

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

My dear reader,

I thought it would interest you to read an expert from The Sovereign Order: An Introduction, the pamphlet given new members at initiation to explain the basic workings of the organization.


Holidays and celebrations are a regular part of being a member of the Sovereign Order. A time to gather together for fellowship, celebrate victories, honor those who have gone before, and remember our rich history, there are a total of 18 mandatory holidays, and 7 non-mandatory. You will find a detailed listing of each below:

Year’s Beginning Committal: The First of January. Mandatory.

Year’s Beginning is a night vigil which begins at ten o’clock the night before the first of January. Members gather at their designated meeting place for a speech by a member at the rank of Count or higher. After this is a dedicated time for solemn contemplation on the sacred duties of the members of the Sovereign Order, and their commitment to serve the order. At midnight, a celebration commences, often including a feast, games, fireworks, dancing, and etcetera.

Winter’s Feast: January 28th. Non-Mandatory.

Winter’s Feast is a gathering to celebrate the end of the coldest month of the year, and a symbolic reminder of the dawn of warmth and spring (the peace and stability civilization and the Sovereign Order brings). It is an evening feast, and may include dancing and party games. Events vary from district to district.

And the list goes on.

If only writers and historians could take 25 holidays a year…

Yours truly,

The Author

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