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14 July, 2022

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

My dear reader,

It may interest you to know some facts about the Gore Hall library, which seemed to have such a strange connection to the Dascyleum Text. Gore Hall is now a tragic fatality of history. It’s with saddening frequency that “old, outdated buildings” are destroyed rather than repurposed and preserved. Gore Hall was the first dedicated library on the Harvard campus, officially opened in 1841, and was designed after King’s College Chapel. In fact, the building looked more like a church than a library – the structure’s layout shaped in a Latin cross, the exterior ornately Gothic with tall spires and sweeping curves, and the interior lined by 10 floor-to-ceiling columns.

It was a beautiful testament to the sacredness of books.

Apparently, though, it was not well suited to winter. It held only one furnace, which was not equipped to heat the entire building, and most students and professors had to wear hats, gloves, and scarves if they wanted to spend much time there. Gore Hall now survives only on the official seal of Cambridge City and in two lonely pinnacles preserved on the new library building.

Yours truly,

The Author.


“This is everything,” said the librarian, gesturing around the dim basement. “I’m terribly sorry about the mess. Pre-1830 is over there,...

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