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1 October, 2022

My dear reader,

I am sorry to say I can’t spare much time for letter-writing today, as a misunderstanding involving an important library document, a parrot, and a cup of yerba mate has prompted a rather hasty trip out of town. I am packing as we speak. It always puts me in a dither to decide which books to bring with me, but I think Dante’s Inferno is perhaps the most appropriate. It puts me in mind to think that libraries should place signs saying “Abandoned Hope, All Ye Who Enter Here With Parrots” above their archive rooms, because this unspoken rule is clearly not well displayed.

Yours in haste,

The Author.


Blood trickled down Silas’ chest. It felt like it could have been sweat but it was sticky and itched and his head was spinning too much...

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